Monday, 9 February 2015

Fallen off the face of the earth!!

It has been forever since I've blogged!! Boy oh boy time has flown!!

The year of 40 has been and gone.  We had some crazy busy times (sometimes I wonder if there are any other kinds!), some good times and sad times.  I visited parts of the world that I've only ever dreamed of and spent times with some very good friends!

Fast recap since the last blog (the good adventures will be expanded on soon!).  The last school year ended with a never ending stream of field trips (of course the farm for the 13th year!), school BBQ (didn't want to BBQ another hot dog for a long time!) and of course then what - SUMMER!!!

We headed off to Blue Lake for a few days the first week of summer (which is always an adventure with our crew!) before I headed off on my bucket list trip (4 days in between was plenty, wasn't it!). Grace and I headed off to England and Scotland for 2 weeks (so many adventures to share!).

After my return from abroad I took 2 days to recoup before heading out to Lilac for our annual trip! We always have a blast here!  The rest of the summer was a whirlwind!  We spent some time at Selkirk Park, kids went to camp, trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum with a lady I support, the "unbirthday" trip to Grand Forks and a relaxing retreat with great friends just before school started!

The beginning of September brought the start of school as well as the birth of my grandson Jayce! What a bundle of joy he is! The kids love watching him grow!  The kids started their extra-curricular activities; Special Olympics, Brownies, dance, basketball and swimming and then of course Guiding started for me!  It was definitely a busy start to the school year!

At the end of October my grandmother became ill and was hospitalized.  It was a really hard time watching her suffer until her eventual passing (but still some good times in there too!) in November.

It seemed that Christmas was upon us before we knew what happened!  It was a quiet and relaxing one which was what we needed!

POOF!  Here we are in February!!  My goal is to be a little more timely with my posts so here's hoping it will work!

Thanks for bearing with me!

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